About Us

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BASCOFADCO was established on March 11, 2002. It aims to become a progressive and sustainable cooperative driven by dynamism in promoting the quality of life of each stakeholder. It has a satellite office situated in the heart of the Pilgrim town Sibulan Negros Oriental. Our Mission commits in improving its stability by strengthening its linkages with stakeholders, empowering its members and providing quality products and services to its identified market, relevant technologies and descent benefits for its employees.  It responds actively to it’s partner institutions, and adhere to the principles of cooperativeness and good governance practices. BASCOFADCO creates diversified products and services relevant to the needs of it’s members, along with it BASCOFADCO offer opportunities for career development of all it’s employees. It provides efficient and effective delivery of services to it’s members. The primary purpose of the agricultural cooperative society is to help its members in the rational organizing of agricultural production, the processing, and marketing of the cropping output as well as animal production. It also offers to small agricultural producers to produce a wide range of services. For example, cooperatives can help farmers benefit from economies of scale to lower their costs of acquiring inputs or hiring services such as storage and transport.